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of_time: (clothed in the green of fields) (Default)
  • clothed in the green of fields
of_time: (if by life or death I can save you)
  • if by life or death I can save you
Comment: then I will
of_time: (the true secret in being a hero)
  • the true secret in being a hero
Comment: lies in knowing the order of things
of_time: (quests may not simply be abandoned)
  • quests may not simply be abandoned
Comment: princesses may go unrescued for a very long time, but not forever
of_time: (a friendly heart— however foolish)
  • a friendly heart— however foolish
Comment: may be more welcome than water one day
of_time: (I like being brave well enough— but!)
  • I like being brave well enough— but!
Comment: It isn't an easy trade to take up.
of_time: (a pure heart)
  • a pure heart
Comment: can go unaffected by the most terrible curses ever uttered
of_time: (name one hero who was happy)
  • name one hero who was happy
Comment: You can't. They never let you be famous AND happy.
of_time: (being a hero)
  • being a hero
Comment: means ignoring how silly you feel
of_time: (The sight of her.)
  • The sight of her.
Comment: The sight of her makes me want to do battle with all evil and ugliness, but it also makes me want to be unhappy.
of_time: (some men gain glory after they die)
  • some men gain glory after they die